Below are copies of selected presentations from Jim McClellan's speeches, offered here in PDF format. (Note: The files are rather large, and may take a bit of time to download.)

Santa Fe-All the Way

The Rail Renaissance: More Work to Do

Freight Rail Planning Conference
(Orlando, FL, 10/16/14)


Santa Fe-All the Way

Santa Fe-All the Way

the Lexington Group
(Peoria, IL 10/2012)


The Standard Railroad

The Standard Railroad:
Then and Now

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society
(Camp Hill, PA 5/19/12)


The Trains of Texas

The Trains of Texas:
Past, Present and Future

8th Annual Southwestern Rail Conference
(Dallas, TX 1/26/12)



Railroads and the New Normal:
The Impact of Lean and Green on Their Future

The Thomas B. Deen Distringuished Lecture
90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
(Washington, DC 1/24/11)


The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom

Norfolk & Western Railway Historical Society
(Roanoke, VA 7/11/09)


Look Ahead, Look North

Look Ahead, Look North:
The Southern Railway Legacy

Southern Railway Historical Assoc.
(Norfolk, VA 5/17/08)


New York Central Historical

New York Central Remembered

New York Central Historical Society (with notes)
(Dearborn, MI 5/1/10)


Sharing the Rails

Sharing the Rails:
Opportunities and Obstacles

(Raleigh, NC 3/19/09)


Lean and Green

Lean and Green: Implications for Rail

Rail Trends Conference
(New York, NY 10/6/09)


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